Aims and Objective

Main objectives

Founded by Shri Subhash Kapoor, Founder and Chairman and Shri Raj Kapoor, Co founder and Managing Trustee, the main objectives of ASSOCOM FOUNDATION are:

  • To work unitedly and dedicatedly towards fostering the growth of education through providing financial aids to educational institutions, libraries, boarding houses and libraries at any place inside the Union of India.
  • Helping deserving students with scholarships for ensuring uninterrupted study through supply of books and other necessities.
  • To promote awareness in malnutrition through spreading education on proper nutrition.
  • To share and develop innovative strategies that propels the spread of nutrition education through expressing wide ranging views keeping in view the propagation of the research findings, issues relating to policy and pedagogical matters.
  • To foster the growth of education in nutrition among students, individuals, families, fellow professionals and to influence those involved in policy making relating to food, health and nutrition.
  • To establish, run, maintain, develop the existing management infrastructure and extend financial aid to hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, maternity centres and other similar institutions for providing affordable treatment and alleviating the suffering of the backward classes.
  • To establish and run vocational training institutions for spreading adult education and for those handicapped, in finding self employment in the field of food processing, fine arts, languages and other fields of activities.
  • To arrange, run, aid, assist, coordinate and organize charitable activities without having any vested interest, for the cause of improvement in culture and education among the backward classes.
  • To organize workshops, exhibitions and conduct seminars to create awareness in rural development which include implementation of projects on utilization of natural resources for humans like water projects, soil conservation, land reforms, irrigation and other rural development activities.
  • To assist with both finance and managerial activities in developing community centres for women and handicapped for character building and realizing the importance of socio economic reforms.

A well directed endeavour with a social purpose
It is because of a well directed and motivated endeavour that ASSOCOM FOUNDATION has been able to reach the unprivileged mass in providing all types of assistance for their upliftment and in the process helping in the development of the rural sector through fostering the growth of education and self awareness. The association is determined to put their best foot forward for the development of rural India through helping weaker sections of the society in developing mentally, spiritually, economically and socially so that an overall development helps them to overcome the disadvantages in belonging to the backward class. Among other objectives of this association great attention is given towards promoting innovative technologies in the field of food processing and to interact with foreign universities to develop a mutual understanding in exchanging views and promoting social behaviour.
ASSOCOM FOUNDATION is based upon a solid foundation of mutual trust and transparency in their activities which have helped them gain faith of the backward class in the rural sector. Going by their activities, one can realize the honesty and dedication in their activities to help the backward section of our society in getting an upliftment which in turn will foster the development of the entire rural sector of India.